Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

For years, engagement rings (and jewelry in general) have been thought of as accessories made for and marketed to women. However, many men like to wear jewelry, too. The “stigma” against men wearing jewelry has fallen by the wayside recently, with an increasing number of men choosing to wear jewelry every day. This is particularly true of necklaces, rings, earrings, and even bracelets. This shift has made it more acceptable for men to wear a wider range of pieces suited to their personal tastes.

Nonetheless, jewelry is intrinsically linked with fashion, tradition, and history. For this reason, many people want to know how they should or should not wear certain types of jewelry. In other words, what is socially acceptable and commonplace for men when it comes to engagement rings? Do men wear engagement rings? If so, what kind of engagement rings? Do these differ at all from the engagement rings designed for women?

In today’s guide, we will take a deep dive into the world of engagement rings for men. We will answer all of the questions outlined above and discuss some of the reasons that engagement rings are more closely associated with women. Most importantly, we will answer a question that people continue to ask to this day: do men wear engagement rings? So, let’s get started!

Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

The fact is that some men do get engagement rings. They may choose to purchase the ring for themselves, or they may receive it from their spouse. In either case, men wear engagement rings, though not always in the same way as women do. Engagement rings with a central diamond are far less common among males. Instead, many men choose to wear rings that do not feature a centerpiece diamond but still function as engagement rings.

This is where there is some differentiation on what qualifies as a true “engagement ring.” Symbolically, any ring that is used to represent an engagement and intention to marry is an engagement ring. However, the traditional engagement ring is a ring that features one centerpiece stone. Ring manufacturers and jewelers typically use the term “engagement ring” to refer to rings that feature one prominent diamond or similar gemstone. Since most men forego this type of ring, many people have come to the conclusion that men do not wear engagement rings. This view is typically supported within the jewelry industry, as rings with a centerpiece stone are exclusively marketed to women.

But if you look at the underlying meaning of an engagement ring, you will find that many men actually do wear them — just not in the way you might think. Instead of wearing a standard engagement ring with a centerpiece stone, a lot of men choose to wear wedding bands or even matching wedding bands in place of engagement rings. To these men, their wedding bands may symbolically qualify as engagement rings, even if much of society (and even some jewelers) would disagree.

Why Don't Guys Wear Engagement Rings?

This still leaves the titular question unanswered. Do guys wear engagement rings? Yes and no. As previously mentioned, it is very uncommon for men to wear “conventional” engagement rings. In other words, few men wear engagement rings with a centerpiece stone. Alternatively, many engaged men wear wedding bands to symbolically replace the more standard engagement rings typically reserved for women.

As previously mentioned, part of the reason for the lack of conventional engagement rings on men’s fingers is the stigma. Engagement rings have historically been reserved for women, particularly over the last two centuries. Therefore, it may seem odd to some if a man is wearing a ring designed for a woman.

There are also other factors at play that are far more pragmatic. Engagement rings cost far more than wedding bands. This is because most wedding bands are just simple bands composed of gold or another precious metal. Alternatively, a conventional engagement ring contains gold or similar precious metals to form the band, as well as one or more gemstones (typically diamonds).

Since conventional engagement rings cost more, it makes more sense to only get this kind of ring for one spouse. In a same-sex marriage, this could be either a man or a woman. In a marriage between a man and a woman, the engagement ring with a centerpiece gemstone is traditionally reserved for the woman. Thus, the lack of men wearing engagement rings can also be an issue of cost, regardless of who is getting married.

Men's Wedding Bands

Since conventional wedding bands are so uncommon for men to wear, many soon-to-be grooms opt for traditional men’s wedding bands. However, men’s wedding bands have come a long way in the past decade. In years past, wedding bands were just that — bands, and not much else. They were meant to be more symbolic than anything else. Nowadays, wedding bands for men and women have far more varied designs.

For instance, men can now get wedding bands lined with natural or lab-made diamonds. If this doesn’t suit their tastes, there are also wide-band rings adorned with dozens of pave diamonds. And these are just two examples. The truth is that there are tons of variations in modern wedding bands, largely erasing the need for conventional engagement rings for men.

Matching Wedding Bands

For men who are unsure what kind of ring they should wear, there are also matching wedding bands. These offer both spouses identical wedding bands, albeit with different sizes as needed. Matching wedding bands are yet another way to show a strong sense of union and love with your spouse. And like some of the men’s wedding bands we discussed previously, the matching wedding bands of today are far more luxurious and refined than their simpler predecessors.

Some popular matching band designs include the custom-curve diamond wedding band. This band features small diamond stones along the top. This section of the band also features a unique curved design, creating an impressive visual effect that helps accentuate the gemstones.

Even if a custom curve doesn’t sound like your style (or your spouse’s style), there’s no need to worry. You can still get plenty of matching bands to meet your specific tastes. For example, you and your spouse may want a black diamond ring with ornamental diamond placements on the top half of the band. So, if you’re unsure what you want to wear during your engagement, don’t stress. There are plenty of designs to choose from!

The Bottom Line

Do men wear engagement rings? Yes, but not that often. Even when men do wear engagement rings, they are often more symbolic and less conventional. This means that men’s engagement rings usually do not feature the same centerpiece stone that you would see on most engagement rings for women. Instead, men tend to choose either simple wedding bands, wedding bands with diamonds, or matching wedding bands to show off the love connection with their spouse!

We hope you found this guide on engagement rings for men both useful and informative! Are you in the market for an engagement ring? Do you want beautiful, certified lab diamond rings at competitive prices? If so, be sure to check out the luxurious products available at Liori Diamonds today!

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