Collection: Diamond Hoops Earrings

Diamond Hoops at NYC’s Liori Diamonds

Diamond hoop earrings are the perfect special accessory for a glamorous evening out on the town. They’re perfect for a girls’ night out, and for that big date you’ve been looking forward to for days. You can wear them for work, and for running errands, or for a quiet night at home. The bottom line? If you don’t have diamond hoop earrings in your jewelry chest, you’re missing out on a style favorite that’s timeless, fun and elegant.

You also don’t have to visit every dealer in Manhattan’s diamond district to find a diverse collection of affordable diamond earrings. At Liori Diamonds, it’s easy to buy diamond hoop earrings, whether online or in person at our New York showroom. Liori Diamonds only sells the diamond jewelry that meets our strict standards for value, beauty and quality. And with incredibly competitive pricing and a wide selection, isn’t it time you discovered the Liori Diamonds difference?