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For many people, purchasing a diamond is a completely new and frightening experience mostly due to the lack of information and knowledge about diamonds. Liori Diamonds is here to ease some of your apprehension and anxiety before you begin looking for your diamond. We are here to provide you with everything you need to know before completing your purchase. Understanding a diamond’s quality and individual characteristics is actually quite simple and easy to comprehend.

This section is designed to enhance your knowledge of diamonds and to answer any questions you might have regarding color, clarity, cut, shape etc. You will learn about a diamonds characteristics and how those characteristics influence a diamond’s brilliance and appearance.

Below we are furnishing you with a color and clarity chart. This is an excellent tool to provide you with some knowledge of what your beautiful new diamond will look like, as well as helping you in your quest of shopping for a diamond.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Color

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are 100% natural earth mined diamonds. Almost every diamond has natural inclusions or imperfections that are graded in terms of clarity. The clarity enhancement term refers to a revolutionary process that eliminates “feathers” which naturally appear in most diamonds.

A clarity enhanced diamond is a 100% real natural diamond that has gone through a clarity enhancing process to remove most, if not all of its feathers. With the removal of these feathers the diamonds clarity is more appealing to the naked eye, as well as your pocket.

This process allows consumers to purchase a diamond that is significantly better in clarity, size and brilliance at a price that meets their budget. Clarity enhanced diamonds represent the best value for a consumer looking for a big diamond look, at a fraction of retail cost.

When choosing a clarity enhanced diamond, you will not need to compromise the brilliance of your diamond. All of our clarity enhanced diamonds are bright, fiery and full of life.
Some people might ask, what is the guarantee on a clarity enhanced diamond? We at Liori Diamonds guarantee the enhancement of your diamond FOR LIFE!

Ring Sizing

All of our rings come at a stock size of 6-6.25. Liori Diamonds offers one free sizing, but be advised that some rings might take extra days to create in regarding to sizing.

Sizing a ring that has many small micro-pave stones set into it, can cause these smaller stones to fall out in the future as it loosens their setting and the prongs surrounding them. In these situations, we advise you to order your ring custom made in your size.

Orders of custom made sized rings are available at no extra charge, certain restrictions may apply. Please allow about 4-6 weeks for custom orders to arrive, unless otherwise specified.

To all of you, from all of us at Liori Diamonds - Thank you and Happy Shopping.


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