Feather Filled Diamonds

What Are Feather Filled Diamonds?

What Are Feather Filled Diamonds And Why Should You Purchase One?
In the 1990s scientists from Israel discovered a way to treat the clarity of diamonds. In this process, noticeable inclusions in the precious stone become invisible to the naked eye and only an expert who specialized in diamonds was able to identify the treatment when looking at the diamond under magnification. Naturally, the inclusions do not disappear but they aren’t visible to the naked eye anymore. Best of all, feather filled diamonds are totally natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds.

Does Your Feather Filled Enhanced Diamond Require Any Special Care?
Not at all. After a thorough research the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) confirmed that usual wear cannot have any impact on a diamond. Only open heat exceeding 1500 °C, strong acid, strong alkali or re-cutting could damage a feather filled diamond.

How Was Your Diamond Feather Filled?
During the process of feather filling a microscopic amount of material is inserted in where the inclusion is. This material has the same optical properties as the diamond. When light enters the diamond at one spot and is emitted through another the direction of the ray does not change or reflect in another direction. On the other hand, when passing through an untreated diamond with inclusions the ray of light hits the inclusion and reflects in various directions. This is why we can notice inclusions in the diamond and the stone does not look clear. When passing through a treated diamond, light goes straight through the natural inclusion since the filling used has the same optical properties as the diamond itself. The ray of light “thinks” it is passing through the same material (the diamond) and carries on in the same direction.

What Is The Best Method Way To Keep Your Feather Filled Diamond Clean?
While most people think jewelry cleaner will make your diamond sparkle, it will also tarnish the metal that your precious diamond is set in. A feather filled diamond can't be exposed to acids so it is suggested that you use vodka and a soft tooth brush to clean your feather filled diamond. I personally experimented with this technique for 1 year and it works like a charm!

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