HPHT Diamonds

HPHT Diamonds

What Is HPHT Treatment To A Diamond?

HPHT diamond color treatment was originally used to turn yellowish “off color” diamonds into fancy colored diamonds, but now it is also used to transform some unpopular brownish diamonds into the more expensive colorless diamonds.  The fact that the process is so similar to nature and very difficult to detect has made HPHT diamond color treatment one of the most desired treatments preferred by retailers as well as consumers. The process heats the diamond to about 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit while the diamond is under the extreme pressure of 60,000 atmospheres. The pressure is needed to stabilize the process and enable the diamond to heal any dislocations and promote the growth of crystal structures. The result of healing these natural dislocations in the diamond’s crystal structure is a reduction in the brownish color.

Why Should I Purchase A Diamond That Has Been HPHT Treated?

The main reason to purchase a diamond that has underwent the HPHT process is to save money. You can get a colorless diamond for an affordable price. For more information on HPHT treated diamonds feel free to contact one of our representatives with any further questions you might have/

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