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We’re Celebrating Legal Same-Sex Marriage Across the United States

Rainbow flagOn Friday, June 26, 2015 Liori Diamonds joined the country in celebration of the landmark ruling of Obergefell v Hodges. The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages are legal across the entire United States, after conservative states had attempted to ban them as unconstitutional.

The images of embracing partners crying tears of joy will forever remain in our hearts. The chants of “Love has won” continue in our spirit. As a proud supporter of marriage equality and LGBT rights, Liori Diamonds hasn’t been more proud to be a U.S. company.

Love and Justice for All

The case involved an Ohio man who wanted his name listed on his late husband’s death certificate. High-powered attorneys, LGBT rights activists and invested couples waited decades for a ruling. The wait is finally over. Five out of the nine court justices ruled the right to marriage equality falls under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

Today, all couples can now get legally married. The marriage certificates already obtained are now recognized across all states. More importantly, all married couples can now benefit from the same legal rights. Many individuals are considering it the most important civil rights case for a generation, and the right to marriage equality finds strong support across the country. President Obama shared his endorsement of the ruling, saying that we are all freer when all Americans are treated equally. It was a victory of love for all.

Celebrating Love at Liori Diamonds

This long-overdue ruling has opened the doors for more Americans to get married. At Liori Diamonds, we are thrilled to be able to make the occasion even more special with our one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding bands.  

We carry a large selection of distinctive diamond rings and wedding bands that can showcase your love while inspiring others. Whether you visit our NYC showroom, located in the prestigious Diamond District, or you shop our collection online, you’re sure to find the jewelry that captures and celebrates your love. 

Our collection of wedding jewelry for men and women includes:

       • Enhanced and natural fancy color diamonds in all shades.

       • Black gold rings set with chocolate, black and white diamonds. We have one of the largest collections of black diamond and black gold rings.

       • Styles you won’t find anywhere else. We have one-of-a-kind Liori Diamonds exclusives that celebrate your unique love.

       • Vintage-inspired, contemporary and classic ring styles at competitive prices.

       • Styles that will perfectly complement your new engagement ring.

Let us help you find the perfect wedding jewelry to celebrate your love. Shop online or visit our showroom in NYC today!

#LoveWins at Liori Diamonds!

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