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12.63 Carat Certified Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Black Gold

12.63 Carat Certified Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Black Gold

Make a Bold, Beautiful Statement With a 12.63 Carat Black Diamond Engagement Ring

 Spectacular is the only way to describe this incredible 12.63 carat black diamond engagement ring set in 14K black gold. Not only does it make a bold statement about the uniqueness of the wearer, but it also glistens and gleams from every possible angle. It’s one statement piece that they’ll love showing off day after day.

If you’re new to black diamonds, you may be surprised at how brilliant these are. This black diamond has been through a process known as irradiation. Irradiation enables us to permanently color treat a diamond to enhance its natural attributes. It does not affect the value of the stone — it simply allows you to enjoy every element of the diamond in its cut form.

A Black Diamond Engagement Ring for Someone Incredibly Special

There’s little doubt that when you present this black diamond engagement ring, they’ll be amazed. People who have little to no experience with black diamonds are often left speechless when they see a Liori Diamonds piece like this one. Of course, this particular engagement ring is particularly incredible because of its weight.

We start with a central black diamond stone that is nearly seven total carats. To set off this massive black diamond, our craftspeople have chosen a round brilliant cut. The round brilliant cut is the most popular cut for diamonds, as it creates a surface across which light can shimmer effortlessly.

Around the central black diamond are traditional white diamonds, also in round brilliant cuts. These diamonds total more than five carats and present a lovely black-and-white motif that adds dimension and movement to the engagement ring. We finished this piece off with 14K black gold — a robust, warm choice.

Order This and Other Black Diamond Engagement Rings Online

We know that buying jewelry has changed throughout the years, and that’s why we now offer our collection of fine diamond jewelry from Liori Diamonds online. You can simply choose the engagement ring that is perfect for your loved one and order using our convenient shopping cart.

We keep all of our prices affordable as possible, and we take both major credit cards and PayPal. For approved buyers, we also offer extended financing. This can help you make smaller payments over a few months, often with zero interest. There has never been a simpler method of getting Liori Diamonds.

A Diamond Is an Investment for Life

When any diamond, including our black diamonds, is taken care of appropriately, it’s an investment for the life of the wearer and beyond. Many diamonds in circulation today have been handed down throughout the generations. This black diamond engagement ring will certainly be a stunning addition to anyone’s collection of fine jewelry. Please note that all of our diamond pieces come with a certificate that authenticates their quality.

If you have questions for us about our black diamond engagement ring set in 14K black gold, please contact us today at 888-888-3321. We will be pleased to talk with you about this item, as well as give you suggestions on complementary pieces from our jewelry collection.

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Rico Bautista Verified Buyer

My experience with Liori Diamonds and the team have been excellent!

My experience with Liori Diamonds and the team have been excellent. Highly recommend to contact them with any of your needs especially when it comes to engagement rings. They are fast and reliable most importantly, the high quality of diamonds and setting are remarkable. The engagement ring turned out to be elegant and beautiful! It was perfect.

Special thanks go to Avi for his undivided attention and care towards his clients, myself included. I can’t wait to see Liori Diamonds when I am in NYC in the summer. Another thanks go to Linda for ensuring ring is delivered on time and even earlier than expected. Much appreciated Avi and Liori Diamonds.

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Rich Verified Buyer

Hands down the best in the business!

Hands down the best in the business! Avi went above and beyond to create an upgraded engagement and wedding band set for my wife. The entire process from beginning to end was smooth. Avi and his team are honest,polite and pay attention to detail. I will definitely be coming back for more purchases! Avi, from the bottom of my heart, thank you brother!!!!!

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Dino Anastasio Verified Buyer

I highly recommend Liori Diamonds for your diamond purchases!

Avi and the team at Liori did a wonderful job with an engagement ring I had customized. He went above expectations and my now fiance absolutely loves it. I highly recommend Liori Diamonds for your diamond purchases.

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Cristina Goncalves Verified Buyer

Best jewelry experience!

Great and fast service. Exceptional customer service and went beyond my expectations. Best jewelry experience. I am without words for their quality. Very happy. Thank you!

Review Image-1
Glenda Pascoal Verified Buyer

The choice was perfect and the service was outstanding!

I met a very nice and professional guy in the middle of thousands of jewelry stores around the world…
I followed my intuition based on the reviews I read about Liori, and I was right on target.
Avi is a wonderful person with incredible integrity, I have never felt so comfortable and confident when he introduced me to Liori's wonderful jewelry.
I had no doubt that it would be there and will be at Liori forever.

Avi, thank you for everything, the choice was perfect and the service was outstanding.
Nuno and I are delighted with our ring. It was the only and best choice of our lives. Ahhhh when I thought there was no more beauty in that dream ring... then came that box, a unique and perfect packaging, that would melt any heart.

Thank you very much Avi,

Glenda and Nuno

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Dave Camadini Verified Buyer

Very informative, customer service was tremendous and great pricing!

A friend of mind connected me with Avi at Liori Diamonds. Despite the fact that I am located in AZ and not knowing him at all, Avi took care of me like family. Very informative, customer service was tremendous and great pricing. The ring is gorgeous and although I didn't give him much time, he delivered the ring in time for my desired proposal date. Can’t say enough about what a great experience I had with Avi.

Ryan Alfred Verified Buyer

I’m so glad I went to Avi and Liori Diamonds!

My fiance is OBSESSED with her ring. I’m so glad I went to Avi and Liori Diamonds. He is the absolute best and i will most definitely be coming back for more. Thanks Avi !!!

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Shari Sander Verified Buyer

Avi, thank you for truly listening to me and bringing my wish to life!

I’ve always been curious about, and thankful for, rare finds. Liori Diamonds is where you’ll find that AND the perfect piece that you’ve been dreaming of and looking for…and you will discover the quality, sparkle, and extreme precision cannot be matched anywhere else. I sure did. That alone is reason enough to shop here, but I’ve always wanted a relationship I could trust with a jeweler that also partners with the highest quality piece(s) at the very best price around. I found that here with Avi. Immediate peace, knowing I am in good hands, and he keeps my best interests his priority. Avi, thank you for truly listening to me and bringing that wish and want to life!

MK Kendall Verified Buyer

No one creates a black diamond ring like Avi and Liori!

This is the 3rd black diamond ring purchased from Liori in the last 3 years. We jumped from over 5 cts to over 12 cts. No one creates a black diamond ring like Avi and Liori. The detail in their rings is incredible. Custom work that can not be matched. Thank you Avi from Matt and Linda in AZ

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Raptor 732 Verified Buyer

Liori Diamonds is the best!

Liori Diamonds is the best! I couldn't be happier with my purchase which is a great relief considering this was not an in person purchase! I received my ring within 2 days of ordering just in time for vacation. I highly recommend Liori Diamonds if you are looking for a wonderful experience and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Review Image-1