5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo Front
5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo Side
FD-367 - 5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo
5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo Front
5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo Side
FD-367 - 5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo
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5.27 Carat Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18k Pave Halo

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At Liori Diamonds, we’re proud to offer this sparkling fancy yellow radiant cut diamond engagement ring. This unforgettable fancy yellow and white diamond ring has been made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. When nothing but an extraordinary diamond engagement ring will do, let Liori Diamonds help you choose the ring you’ll both love forever.

Celebrate Your Love With Fancy Yellow and Clarity-enhanced Diamonds


Yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, are some of the rarest gemstones in the world. Graded for the intensity of their color as well as size (carat), clarity and cut, larger stones of deeper hues with fewer imperfections are worth more because they are rare. Color grades range from fancy light yellow to fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow and fancy vivid yellow. This ring features a beautifully sized 2.75 carat center stone of enhanced fancy intense yellow color and enhanced VS2 clarity.


Clarity-enhanced stones typically undergo a process called feather filling. Feather filled diamonds have microscopic material inserted into visible flaws, called inclusions. After the filling process, the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. Only a trained professional could identify a clarity enhanced diamond. You do not need to treat your diamond with special care, but avoiding acidic or alkaline substances, as well as not re-cutting it, protects the diamond.

Pave Diamonds and More


Our 5.27 CTW fancy yellow diamond pave halo engagement ring features:


• A 2.75 carat radiant cut fancy yellow diamond center stone of intense color and VS2-enhanced clarity. The surrounding stones include 2.52 ctw of fancy yellow and white diamonds of VS clarity and brilliant shape. The ring is set in 18k yellow and white gold.

• AGI certification.

• An appraised value of $44,550.


Shop Liori Diamonds for Better Value and Personalized Care


Liori Diamonds specializes in selling beautiful diamond jewelry that meets our rigorous standards for quality and value at extremely competitive pricing. You’ll appreciate how much value we offer when you compare our prices with the appraisal valuations. It’s easy to see why our customers return to us again and again — when you shop at Liori Diamonds for yellow diamond rings, you’ll always get the most value possible for your money.


Choose Liori Diamonds and benefit from:


• The personal service you deserve. Buying an engagement ring is an important purchase, and we want you to be thrilled. Expect superior service when you shop at Liori Diamonds.

• Free overnight shipping on every online purchase.

• The ability to shop with confidence. Liori Diamonds will take the time to explain the factors that affect the value of your purchase.

• An incredible selection of exclusive and distinctive styles. You’ll never have to worry about buying a ring everyone else has when you shop with us.

• Full trade-in value. When you’re ready for something new, bring your ring back to Liori Diamonds, and we’ll apply its purchase price toward the value of your new selection.

Expect Incredible Value at Liori Diamonds


Browse online or make an appointment to visit our Manhattan showroom. We think you’ll agree that you can expect incredible value when you choose Liori Diamonds for yellow diamond rings.


Find the ring you’ll love at Liori Diamonds!

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Justine Banagan Verified Buyer

Stop shopping around and call Avi NOW.

Amazing quality and best price in the nation. Thankfully saw his ad on Instagram and so happy we connected. Avi was super responsive, honest, and knowledgeable on all things diamonds. Plus, he was never pushy and really cared about how we felt about what we wanted. I thought the deal was too good to be true so my husband and I flew from Vegas to NYC the next day to meet with Avi and finalize the purchase and glad we did. Avi and the team even put extra time in to have our ring ready for our trip back the next day.

We have found our jeweler for as long as Avi will be in the industry. Will be recommending him to everyone and anyone. We’ve gone through 3 prior jewelers (3 wedding rings) and Avi by far has been the best and most honest, not to mention providing the most beautiful Radiant Cut ring. Thanks so much and look forward to adding more pieces in the future!

Tanya Romero Verified Buyer


I found the most beautiful 4 carat diamond ring online at Liori Diamonds last year. I told my husband it was at the top of my wishlist. I. Celebrating 23 years of marriage, my husband bought it for me!
A HUGE shot out to Avi! Thank you so very much for helping my husband with the purchase. I opened the box and it literally took my breath away! I’m absolutely in LOVE. Gorgeous diamond, outstanding service. I love you Avi & Liori Diamonds! You made my dream come true!

Shaun Brignac Verified Buyer

Awesome experience!

Thank you Avi. This ring was more beautiful in person than any pic could capture. She said yes!! I looked for rings nationwide and this was the company that I decided to go with because it was the perfect ring. Thank You!! I found my jeweler for life!

Danielle Deckard-Goss Verified Buyer

Amazing customer service!

When it came to our wedding rings we knew that we needed to get something that was not on your typical bride and groom. We started searching for rings online because we were still in Iraq! I came upon Liori’s website and said we struck gold! Black and white diamonds were our choice and Avi/Al worked with us the entire way through. From design to the last finishing touch, we got to be apart of the process and they were both so helpful and kind! My goodness they treated us like family and 10 years later, still counting, they still give us the service of true champions and we will forever be thankful for Liori Diamonds! We’re also not in New York and they still make everything work. Thank you Liori Diamonds for being the most generous business we’ve ever encountered, so many can learn from you all! They have the most unique, not like any other jewelry you’ll ever discover. Go see them first and your search will end!

Kimberly Stanley Verified Buyer

I would recommend Liori Diamonds to everyone.

My Husband usually gets me anything I want but when I found this ring he said we couldn't do it without going to the store. I understand and it was for good reason. Unbeknownst to me, he had been in contact with a gentleman at the store. By the time I found out the ring was being made and on it's way. I'd read several reviews so I asked, have you been speaking with Avi? He said yes! Avi made him so comfortable with this purchase. The communication was amazing even after we received the ring. The ring is absolutely stunning and there isn't a picture that can show it's true beauty, although I am going to post some. We are customers for life. My Husband is already looking. I would recommend Liori Diamonds to everyone. Avi called to make sure everything was fine after it arrived even though it was outside of business hours. We really appreciated the customer care. You would think we are his only customers! Thanks Avi!!!