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7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Natural Diamond

Make a Lasting Impression With This Exclusive Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to small rings, you’ll have a vast selection to choose from. When it comes to large diamond rings, though, your options can be extremely limited. Although some large rings look cheap, this exclusive pink diamond engagement ring most definitely does not. Featuring a massive huge pink diamond, the 7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum is one of the most beautiful rings you'll ever set your eyes on.

If you've ever went to buy pink diamond engagement rings online, then you know how the clarity in some pink diamonds can be undesirable. With this ring, though, you can rest assured that the clarity is optimal. With GIA Certification, the ring sets in a platinum setting, which exemplifies its beauty even more. The white platinum setting also goes great with the white diamonds that surround the giant pink diamond. In fact, it’s because of the white platinum that the white diamonds look like they are dripping down both sides of the bands.

This Ring Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

The 7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum is truly a one-of-a-kind ring that you won't find elsewhere. Not only does it feature a massive 4.93 ctw fancy pink center diamond, but it also has more than two carats of round brilliant side diamonds. The entire mounting of the ring is handmade. In addition to the small round brilliant diamonds are two larger round white diamonds, which enhance the overall beauty of the ring even more. No matter the way you look at the ring, you can see that all of the larger diamonds are surrounded by smaller white diamonds.

A Closer Look at Features of the Ring

To truly appreciate the beauty, uniqueness, and value of the 7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum, you should take a close look at its features. As mentioned before, the fancy pink center diamond has a ctw of 4.93. With a VS1 in clarity and a HPHT enhancement, the overall beauty of this round brilliant diamond is exquisite. The HPHT process ensures that you are able to purchase this rare pink diamond. The round brilliant diamonds flowing around the three large diamonds have a ctw of more than two carats and feature a color grade of F with a VS in clarity.

When it comes to a 7 carat pink diamond, you’ll definitely want to look at the 7.03 Carat GIA Certified Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum. This is one of the best pink diamond engagement rings for sale that you’ll find. Pink diamonds are great for engagements and many other special occasions, so don’t think that just because this fancy intense pink diamond engagement ring is designed for engagements that it can’t be gifted for other reasons. In fact, this ring makes for the perfect anniversary or graduation present. If you have questions about this giant pink diamond engagement ring or any other pink diamond ring, please contact Liori Diamonds today

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MK Kendall Verified Buyer

No one creates a black diamond ring like Avi and Liori!

This is the 3rd black diamond ring purchased from Liori in the last 3 years. We jumped from over 5 cts to over 12 cts. No one creates a black diamond ring like Avi and Liori. The detail in their rings is incredible. Custom work that can not be matched. Thank you Avi from Matt and Linda in AZ

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Raptor 732 Verified Buyer

Liori Diamonds is the best!

Liori Diamonds is the best! I couldn't be happier with my purchase which is a great relief considering this was not an in person purchase! I received my ring within 2 days of ordering just in time for vacation. I highly recommend Liori Diamonds if you are looking for a wonderful experience and beautiful piece of jewelry.

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Maggie M Verified Buyer

Avi is the best!

Avi is the best! I am super happy with my engagement ring the quality and brilliance is hands down magnificent! My fiancé bought me the prettiest engagement ring from here and two beautiful bands, and also the most beautiful diamond stud earrings! Yes he spoils me a bit, but if you want quality sparkle and spectacular jewelry look no further Liori is the best! Thank You Avi and Thank You to Avi’s hard working team! Bravo 👏 😍💕

Review Image-1
Rosaria Little Verified Buyer

Thank you Lori Diamonds 💍

Purchased a custom wedding ring for my husband. All black, fully covered in black diamonds and our Roman numerals and initials engraved on them. My husband said he couldn’t imagine a more perfect ring! I’m very very happy with my purchase and they were great in the customization process. Thank you Lori Diamonds 💍

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Orfanel Ibarra Verified Buyer

Best online prices!

Amazing ring! My wife fell in love with her ring. The ring needed resizing so I took it to the actual store. I got to meet Avi who was very friendly guy and he was very helpful. I loved the quality and price of my wife's ring that I decided to buy myself a ring. I am a very satisfied customer, very highly recommended! (Best online prices)

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Kenton H. Bynoe Verified Buyer

This exceeded all my expectations!

Well first and foremost I want to thank Avi for this gorgeous engagement ring for my beautiful fiancé!!! This exceeded all my expectations of what a true pear shaped ring is supposed to be. It was a absolute pleasure doing business with you.
It was definitely one for the books that was emotional yet exciting for my wife-to-be!!!
Words can’t express how my fiancé was in awww of how magnificent and the craftsmanship of the design of my selection.
Liori Diamonds is top notch with customer service and they will deliver.
Thank you Avi and I want to thank Odelia as well for being patient and assisting me with choices in mind.
Thank you!!! Happy New Year!!!

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Fred Moltz Verified Buyer

Avi was one word... Amazing!

Avi was one word... Amazing! He is the definition of Customer Service. Between taking the time to talk to me on the phone, texts, and emails he was 100% engaged and kept me up to date. The best is that she loved it! Thanks Avi for making this an easy experience!

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Jonathan Verified Buyer

Avi is hands down the best jeweler I’ve ever dealt with!

Avi is hands down the best jeweler I’ve ever dealt with. I fly up to NYC for business, met Avi in the morning and the ring was ready to go that afternoon. Very professional and to the point!! I will be back and would give him 10 stars if I could!! Thanks Avi!!

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Bryan Wieferich Verified Buyer

I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!

Avi is amazing. He’s patient, professional, and gave me a GREAT value for the rings I purchased. Thank you, Avi and Liori Diamonds. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

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Jason Griffin Verified Buyer

This place is the absolute best to deal with!

This place is the absolute best to deal with! Last year, I bought my fiancee's engagement ring here. She fell instantly in love with it and gets complimented all of the time! When a diamond fell out, they replaced it the same day I brought it in.
Of course, I needed a wedding band for our upcoming wedding. Avi was able to get the right wedding band for us and build it from scratch!

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